Master Paul’s: Balance in Google Play Early Releases

Master Paul’s:  Balance is a challenging game where you navigate across an obstacle course using your accelerometer to jump and steer. The free trial beta version of the game is now available on the Google Play Store here. Or, you can search “Balance” and “Playbucket” on the early release section of Google Play.

Harness your inner balance to hop and jump across treacherous platforms in this endless side-scrolling adventure! Get deep enough into the forest and find the legendary evil duck that guards great treasures! This game uses your accelerometer to push your focus to its limits.

– Unlock all of your Taekwondo belts from white through to black!
– An angry duck may arrive to harass expert players!
– Global leaderboard and achievements
– Compete for high scores on the national and international scale! Can you beat the Master?

As part of the “Master Paul” game universe you can also use this unique exercise set by the master to level-up your BALANCE stat so you perform better in battles against the Paechke in the “Taekwondo Legends” game (FULL Version only). Don’t have a “Legends” account yet? It is free, just download the game!
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