Master Paul Blocking Now Available on Google Play Early Releases

Swipe to smash incoming boxes, barrels and vases! Survive by reflexes alone!

Master Paul’s Blocking is a swiping game where you control your Taekwondo Warrior and blocking incoming
barrels, ninja stars, Ming Vases and fruit. It is currently only available for Android Mobile Phones.

The free beta version of the game is now available on the Google Play Store by clicking the button above.
Or, you can search “Blocking and “Playbucket” on the Early Release section of Google Play.

No path to victory is easy, but Master Paul knows how to train your defensive skills!
Block, smash, jump and duck as Master Paul unleashes as storm of barrels, balls, shurikens and vases.
Smash the ancient ceramic vases to earn bonus coins as you complete 15 challenging levels.
Feeling confident? You won’t be once you’ve seen what Master Paul has in store for you…

– 15 intense levels which will take a combination of reflexes and memorization to complete
– Satisfying explosions as you smash the arsenal of fruits, boxes and barrels sent your way!
– Global leaderboard and achievements
– Compete for high scores on the national and international scale! Can you beat the Master?