Master Paul’s: Legends of Taekwondo

Master Paul’s Legends of Taekwondo is a role-playing game for Android Mobile Phones where you train a warrior to fight in a series of Taekwondo matches. It is currently in alpha release and accepting testers. The full version will be released late in 2017. Train hard and fight strategically to become a true Legend of Taekwondo!


A Paekche Army of fearsome warriors is terrorizing the once peaceful Hidden Valley of Silla – we need a Taekwondo hero to save the land!
Your challenge, if you accept it, is to seek the spiritual and physical guidance of legendary Master Paul and if he agrees to train you, your first challenge is to free the valley from the corrupting influence of the General of the Paekche Army. The evil General seeks to destroy the traditional ways of Taekwondo once and for all! Master Paul is counting on you to fight with determination and ferocity to save the true values of Taekwondo: courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and indomitable spirit! To prove yourself worthy, you will be given a series of in game challenges to increase your; stamina, speed, focus, power, accuracy and balance. You will need all these skills to defeat the Paekche Army in a succession of Taekwondo battles.

You will be required to use a whirlwind combination of ax kicks, knife-hand, jabs and flying sidekicks to stun your opponents. You will then need to master a range of special skills to deploy well-timed strategic strikes to drain your opponents will-power to fight. This action-packed Taekwondo game follows the story of your journey from white belt through to black belt to become a Legendary Warrior. Once you earn your 1st Dan black belt you can ultimately compete in thrilling online matches with challengers around the world (in the FULL version, coming soon).

To fully prepare you for the fight of your life, Master Paul has set up a series of external challenges including; catching flies with chopsticks, balancing on a mountain pass, throwing ninja stars, blocking barrels and vases and finally breaking boards, tiles and ice. All these mini-games were developed by the Master to challenge and prepare you to defeat these dark warriors and can all be found in play store.

– 12 gruelling battle matches requiring hours of dedication to emerge victorious.
– 6 gym training mini-games to level up your character.
– Spend gold at the shop to purchase food and equipment.
– Master Paul will greet you and train you along your journey.
– Free version contains all of the levels and power-ups with no advertising.
– In-app purchases allow you to buy food and custom gym equipment to allow you to train harder!
– Part of the “Master Paul” Taekwondo game universe: this game lets you transfer gold and stats between all of the Master Paul games (if you have the FULL version of the relevant game
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