Master Paul’s Breaking in Early Releases of Google Play Store

BOOM! You won’t be given a black belt until you can break a board using your fists! Master the simple strike and learn to use knife-hand and elbow strikes to smash your way through tiles, ice blocks, baseball bats and even bricks. Are you strong enough to finish all 15 levels?

Master Paul’s Breaking is a power bar timing game where you control your Taekwondo Warrior’s fist to break boards, tiles and bats!
It is currently only available for Android Mobile Phones.

The free beta version of the game is now available on the Google Play Store by clicking the below. Or, you can search “Breaking and “Playbucket” on the Early Release section of Google Play.

Want to play this game on your Android Mobile Phone? Get the free version on Google Play by clicking below.

– Learn to time your strikes perfectly for extra damage!
– Each object and strikes requires a unique combination of timing to break successfully
– Break the stack of tiles before your run out of your strikes!
– Global leaderboard and achievements
– Compete for high scores on the national and international scale! Can you beat the Master?

As part of the “Master Paul” game universe you can also use this unique exercise set by the master to level-up your BALANCE stat so you perform better in battles against the Paechke in the “Taekwondo Legends” game (FULL Version only). Don’t have a “Legends” account yet? It is free, just download the game!